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  • Different companies coming together
    as one group to help you build a better tomorrow.

  • A consortium of companies leading
    in providing various market needs.

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JMIFX LTD of Companies

Each company under the JMIFX umbrella is designed to deliver results-driven and focused solutions to address a specific need. As one, they operate in an integrated manner to provide end-to-end solutions for clients and prospects globally.

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Corporate Services L.L.C


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About us

The best solutions
all under one roof

We are not limited to the four walls of an office space nor boarders and oceans. We have extensive experiences in our fields and are equipped with the skillset and knowledge needed to help you build a better tomorrow. Together, we will help to construct solid foundations with concrete ingenuity and innovation.

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Mission & Vision

JMIFX LTD is a body of companies that is dedicated to helping clients create a brighter tomorrow with our expertise and knowledge of the industry.