At JMIFX LTD, it's all about people

The JMIFX LTD believes that its business develops in line with its employees' personal and professional growth. For this reason, JMIFX invests continuously in courses, workshops, leadership and skills-training programs and formal educational qualifications; all designed to ensure that its people are at the forefront of their professions and are able to deliver the kind of service that clients and partners expect.

JMI University - Excel professionally and reach personal goals

The JMIFX University is an internal development initiative that offers programs and courses to all JMIFX employees. Courses cover topics which JMIFX feels promote success by further developing individual competencies and helping employees meet personal and professional career goals.

JMIFX runs a structured employee development program - the "Personal Development Plan" - and a leadership development program through the Leadership Pipeline model. JMIFX also has a role model program, which is a personal development program for specialists and leaders who demonstrate consistent role model behavior and live up to the Corporate Statement and JMIFX seven values.
JMIFX uses an internal developmental model as a framework for describing the three major career development phases at JMI: the introduction phase, the high performance phase and the role modeling phase.
JMIFX likes to train and develop its own managers and leaders and has adopted a leadership pipeline approach for development of competencies. This supports the establishment of an ongoing organizational process that produces leadership on all levels of the organization. Leaders develop their own skills and work values according to their pipeline level, and strive towards developing their direct reports to the next level of the organization.

JMI's goal

JMI's goal is to be the world's most profitable and professional facilitator in the global capital markets.
Its stakeholders include shareholders, employees, clients and partners who support the Bank in generating results, motivating and developing staff and building successful relationships through superior service and innovation.
Stakeholders in the Bank's success follow fundamental values and rules of engagement set forth to empower individuals in reaching personal and business goals.

A focus on employees

JMIFX employees are passionate about what they do and driven to achieve results. In fact, a recent internal survey showed that 92.3% of employees are proud to work for JMI. In general, job satisfaction, team spirit and passion for work are rated highly by JMIFX staff.

The JMIFX LTD is a dynamic organization consisting of talented individuals across career sectors - from Front Office traders and analysts to software developers, business controllers, business developers, marketing experts and talented human resources professionals. JMIFX offers opportunities for both personal and professional development through training, courses and a multitude of internal resources available to increase learning and further careers. Confident and inspiring managers also contribute to the strength of the company by encouraging new ideas, process development and promoting individual ownership of projects and tasks.

International career opportunities

As JMIFX continues to expand globally, employees can realize career aspirations in a variety of international settings. Outstanding employees who are offered opportunities to represent JMIFX abroad can gain valuable knowledge and develop many new competencies which can benefit their future in the Bank. JMIFX encourages and supports the desire to fulfill international ambitions and looks for ways to expand individual knowledge and experience while promoting the JMIFX culture.

JMI Health

JMIFX places strong emphasis on health, and wants to make it easy for employees to choose a healthy life-style both in their professional and in their private lives. JMI's canteen provides a variety of healthy food throughout the day. Various fitness activities are also encouraged, and the Bank believes that the social and networking elements of exercising with fellow colleagues are very important.
JMIFX realizes it's a tough challenge to find just the right balance between work, family and friends, sports and hobbies. But when all these essentials do come together, they form a rich and full co-existence. JMIFX believes that good health is important in order to be a passionate and productive professional.