Accounting is one of the foundations of a business. It monitors the company’s financial records, business transactions, and profits. JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory is committed to fulfilling a company’s accounting and bookkeeping needs. We provide businesses with accounting solutions that not only meet their requirements but also accounting approaches and systems that will seamlessly fit into their processes.

Accounting & Bookkeeping & Payroll

JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory aims to help clients solve complex accounting and financial reporting challenges. Whether you undertake deals, consolidations, debt or equity offerings, or bankruptcy, we can advise you on how to respond and preserve the value of your business.

JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory offers accounting services including lease accounting, joint ventures, consolidations, fair value assessments, and revenue recognition. We also set and design accounting systems for companies, accounting documents, records and books, set documentary cycles, and other accounting processes. Moreover, we offer support in financial control measures and will help you ensure that actual costs don’t exceed the firm’s budget.

Outsourced CFO services allow businesses to enlist a financial expert without the commitment of hiring a new full-time member. This gives you the flexibility of an ongoing part-time, temporary or project-based financial advisor. Thus, businesses can take on expert talents for a fraction of a full-time employee. JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory offers outsourced CFO services to help you make critical financial decisions without breaking your budget.

Internal auditing helps businesses manage risks, plan for the future, and make the right decisions. JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory guides companies to improve internal performance and boost operating efficiency by taking a risk-based approach. Our aim is to help you steer clear of roadblocks and improve your overall results.

JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory is equipped with skilled and experienced professionals who can help companies control their tax accounting issues. With the upcoming implementation of Value Added Tax on goods and services, it is paramount that businesses account for this properly for they will be turning this over to the government. Furthermore, businesses may receive a refund on the tax paid toward its suppliers. In lieu of this, JMIFX Accounting & Bookkeeping offers services in:

  • VAT registration
  • VAT returns
  • Accounting system changes for VAT
  • Deferred tax validation projects
  • Tax-basis balance sheet support
  • Remediation and restatement assistance
  • Financial statement and carve-out support
  • Issue-specific accounting consultancy such valuation allowance assessments, business combinations, intra-period allocations, and accounting for stock-based compensation

JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory offers specialized services in bookkeeping and payroll management. These services include basic accounting and bookkeeping, expense processing, annual accounts reports, and cash forecasting among others. Our team of professionals is equipped with the skillset and knowledge to help make your venture a success.

Essentially, business valuation is the process wherein the economic value of an owner's interest in a business is estimated through a set of procedures. JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory will help you determine the right price to buy or sell a business. We will look into its assets, economic standing and value, and advise you in a way that will benefit you.

JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory offers clients comprehensive business appraisal services. We will help you establish assets, liabilities, and commercial potential. Ultimately, we will focus on the financial position of your target acquisition to ensure that you get a large return on your investment. We guarantee that our assessments are thorough and tailored to aid your business decisions.

Entrepreneurs often have difficulty finding funds to start small businesses. While it may be tough, there are funding options that are available for budding businesses. JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory will help you understand the different financing solutions available. We will also advise you on the best option that fits your criteria and needs.

Choosing the right software for your business can be a daunting task. It needs to be able to keep up with the increasing volumes and data complexity from business growth. Thus, it is critical for both your time and resources to choose the right software for the long haul. JMIFX Accounting & Tax Advisory will help you identify your current and future business requirements, perform a market scan of the best vendors for you and help you plan and implement your chosen IT systems.