Corporate Mission

Our mission is to establish JMIFX LTD as the world's preferred Professional consultancy Services Company. We are committed to building a long-term relationship with all of our clients by nurturing our corporate values and strengthening trust.
We are dedicated to offering our clients the most competitive and best Market conditions and believe we can achieve the optimal trading environment, unparalleled in quality and function. Our priority is to constantly provide new advantages and seek out innovation. Doing this ensures our clients always get the best from their trading.


Our word is our bond. Through delivering on our promises we build a bridge of trust with our clients. This is the philosophy we instill in our professional workforce and we believe this will help drive our growth as we expand our operations in the financial services sector.


JMIFX LTD aims to exceed our clients expectations by placing a high priority on excellence in execution and we are committed to providing the most professional and individualized service possible. We recognize that the client is at the core of our existence and we aspire to achieve an intimate level of understanding as to their professional needs and objectives and then doing our utmost to accommodate them.


We believe that innovation is an intrinsic element for competitiveness and growth in todays markets. Our dedication to finding new ways of creating and delivering value is a major reason why our clients choose to trade with us. By providing the latest tools, products and services, JMI Brokers Limited is establishing itself as a leader rather than an operator in the industry.


It is our goal to grow not only our business but also our level of social responsibility. We have set ourselves ethical standards and believe it is part of our professional duty to give back to society. One of our goals is to develop a sound philanthropic foundation to support our corporate philosophy.