PRO Services

JMIFX offers several PRO services that are categorized into two groups, namely corporate and domestic. While the UAE is a rich country to invest in, foreigners will first need the proper documentation. JMIFX has strong links and relationships with officials in government departments. Not only are our PRO services swift and reliable but it is also one of the most affordable in the region.

Corporate PRO Service

JMIFX provides businesses and investors a one-stop solution for all corporate PRO services. Our aim is to help you not only save time on document processing but also money as our costs are one of the most competitive in the market.

Employment visas are issued to skilled and qualified professionals who are contracted to companies and organizations. JMIFX helps employers streamline the entire employment visa processing and help them bring in fresh talents quicker.

As a standard practice, visas have different grace periods to give way for the renewal's processing. JMIFX will keep track of your expiry dates and remind you when your employees' visa renewals are approaching.

Clients may request to have unused visas canceled. It will be canceled from the company record and the visa quota will be reduced.

The Schengen area is comprised of 26 countries that encourage the free movement within its internal borders. They have abolished the use of passports as a sole means of border control. JMIFX will assist and streamline your Schengen visa processing whether it's for leisure or business.

Domestic PRO service

In addition to our corporate PRO services, JMIFX also offers several domestic PRO services. These include visa processing for domestic helpers, family remembers, parents, and spouses.

Maid visa applications often involve several steps and paperwork. JMIFX aims to simplify the execution of the overall process. Furthermore, we assist our clients in gathering the documents and meeting the formalities.

This is also known as a Dependent Visa. UAE residents may bring their families and relatives to Dubai granted that they meet the criteria. JMIFX will take care of all your Family Visa requirements from typing and management of the application to the Emirates ID registration.

Parents Visas also fall under Dependent Visas. Initially, parents may enter the UAE with an entry visa. However, it must be converted to a residence visa under the sponsorship of the son/daughter. This must be done not later than 60 days from the date of entry.

Before UAE residents can sponsor their wives for entry permit residence, clients would first need to meet the country's requirements. These include paperwork such as their original marriage certificate, original birth certificate, and labor contract among others.