Management Consulting

As a firm, we offer businesses and clients a variety of consultancy services. Whether it's trying to enter a target market or growing your company, we will help you streamline processes and focus on your most critical issues, curate solutions, and develop new strategies.

Consulting Services aims for Management consulting services clubbed with incubation and innovation delivery to provide clarity to trade and new businesses/ expanding businesses in a new geography by focusing on core competencies:

Market Entry Services - Business plan and feasibility study

Detailed Market research

Due diligence of businesses – financial, regulatory, and legal

Legalization of paperwork in mergers, acquisitions or share transfers.

Legalization and corporate structuring of entities and holdings

Intellectual Property Rights and Trademark Registrations

Business Incubation and innovation

End to End Business Facilitation

Business Development

Growth & Strategy Consulting


JMIFX Corporate Group can help facilitate business expansion globally also through our global partner connection network.

Entering a new market is a complicated process especially when you don’t have a specialist to assist you through the steps. It requires a clear understanding of the country’s culture, corporate practices, and foreign business policies among others. JMIFX Consultancy offers hands-on market entry services to help you gain and sustain a solid competitive advantage in your target market.

In today’s cut-throat economy, it is vital for businesses to make strategic decisions. JMIFX Consulting integrates market research with financial and operation data to provide you with objective and strategic recommendations to help you make the right choices.

JMIFX Consulting provides businesses with comprehensive company structuring services. Ultimately, we will help you address key issues and implement solutions that are designed to help you achieve viable growth and development.

Organic and sustained growth is difficult to achieve. However, it is not impossible. Our growth strategy services will help you accurately evaluate your core issues and curate solutions to fill in these gaps to sustain business growth.

At JMIFX Consulting, we tailor our business plan services to address the needs of our clients. These are designed to optimize your present strategy, analyze your market position, and develop a clear and solid business plan to meet opportunities. Furthermore, they are created from scratch to ensure that your plan is one-of-a-kind.

It is vital for entrepreneurs to understand the potential risks of any business venture. JMIFX Consulting will help you make informed business decisions based on research and figures. We will analyze the market factors that can affect your venture’s viability through processes like revenue projections, cost estimations, return analysis, and business valuation.