Digital Marketing and Branding Consulting

Solely relying on traditional marketing methods is no longer effective in the digital age. While entrepreneurs can take key practices and principles, businesses still need to adapt to current marketing trends. JMIFX Consulting is equipped to provide clients with digital marketing and branding consulting services to help them with their needs.

Having an online presence is crucial in the digital age. Our team of experienced designers will help you create a website that is fitting for your business. Additionally, we will give our expert recommendations to ensure that your website holds all the necessary information it needs to attract prospects.

JMIFX Consulting offers web hosting services at budget-friendly rates. Our packages are created to meet different needs and requirements. We also provide clients with unparalleled technical support and hands-on guidance in case of the rare events of downtime and complications.

A beautiful website is nothing without search engine optimization. Thus, it is paramount that businesses invest a fair amount of time in developing their search engine page rankings. JMIFX Consulting offers services that are curated to help businesses improve their SEO. These services include keyword analysis, keyword targeting, and developing a solid SEO plan.

Social media is a low-cost and effective way of creating a strong online brand presence, connecting with your customers, and attracting potential prospects. In fact, it is good for SEO, too! JMIFX Consulting will assist you in creating a strong social media strategy and help you make informed decisions based on current trends and best practices.

JMIFX Consulting offers a selection of graphic design and branding consulting services. Whether you're looking to rebrand your business or just starting off, we will help you design the right visual representation for your brand.

Public relation is a fundamental part of running a business. Although fairly similar to advertising, public relation primarily focuses on promoting a company through editorial coverage. Ultimately, it's about creating positive brand awareness. JMIFX Consulting will help you curate a strong public relation strategy to help you protect, enhance, and build your reputation through the media.