Swiss Sarl with Financial Services/ Asset Management License

The Swiss Sàrl Financial Service license is the premier asset management structure in the world for managing client funds and assets. This is the same structure used by most non-banking companies in Switzerland to manage 100's of billions in assets. Top international banks outside of Switzerland use this same company structure to provide asset management services from Switzerland for their own bank clients. Afully licensedSwiss asset management company has access to the entire world of Swiss banking.

The Swiss Sàrl with asset management license includes the local Swiss management structure, required anti-money laundering officer and address in Switzerland to maintain the license. There isno requirement for the owners to operate from Switzerland.

Services a licensed Swiss Asset Management Company can provide:

** Owners wishing to provide discretionary asset management service must have employees or staff with the appropriate education or experience to carry out this function. Note: Optionally the custody banks can provide the discretionary asset management services to your clients if the owners do not have sufficient experience in this area.

Swiss Asset Management package includes:

Swiss institutional bank account is not available for US citizens as signatories.

Requirements to form a Swiss Sàrl with license and institutional bank account:

Price: CHF 65,000 paid in two installments of CHF 35,000 and CHF 30,000 plus corporate capital of 20,000 Swiss Franc (CHF) which is deposited into the account of the new corporation after the company formation (2-3 weeks) and then fully available as working capital. Annual fees starting the 2nd year: CHF 12,000

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