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The nominee director service is used to ensure the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality, as the name of the director will appear in the corporate documents, in any business contract and eventually in the jurisdiction's business register.

Upon appointment of a nominee director, a Nominee Service Agreement will be signed between the client and the nominee. It will guarantee the client that the nominee can only act or sign documents upon the client's request and with the client's prior approval. Prefessional directors provided by JMI work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

Name(s) of the shareholder(s) *

The nominee shareholder is appointed in order to shield the real owner of the company from being publicly associated with the ownership of that company. Upon appointment of nominee shareholder, a nominee service agreement (declaration of trust) will be signed between the client and the nominee. Nominee Shareholders provided by JMI work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

Names of beneficiaries * A beneficial owner is the person (individual) to whom the Company and its assets ultimately belong.

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List of prohibited activities JMI will not incorporate a company if the activity is :
  • Animal testing, fur export
  • Pornographic Content
  • Arms dealing or manufacture
  • Gambling
  • Pyramid selling/investment schemes
  • Promotion of extreme political, religious, resistance groups or organizations.
  • Any illegal activity

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The option “Notarisation & Apostille-EUR 150” (from aditional services) has automatically been selected if you appointed us to open a bank account for your company. All banks request the corporate documents
to be notarised and apostiled
for the account opening.

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Virtual Office Standard allows you to have a company address in Geneva or London, with the mention C/O
Virtual Office Premium allows you to have a company address in Geneva or London with your company name on the post box
Virtual Office Full includes the company name on the post box, its own phone and fax number, telephone answering in the name of your company by a secretary and call forwarding.

With or without a virtual office, your company will still have its registered address in the country of incorporation.

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Account Name : JMIFX LTD
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