Abu Dhabi Airport Business City Company main characteristics:

Company type
Free zone with Limited Liability Company
Governing corporate legislation
Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone
Information published relating to company officers
No company directors names are disclosed
Complete Confidentiality
Accounting requirement
Accounts and auditing are required
No corporate or personal taxation
Abu Dhabi Free Zone Law
Standard currency
UAE dirhams pegged to USD
Time to form
15 working days
Efficient means of communication
Local sponsor requirement
Not needed
Foreigner ownership
Residence visa issuance
Residence visa is issued
Number of directors needed
Two directors minimum needed

Licensing types:

  • Trade licenses
  • Service licenses
  • Light industrial licenses

Businesses can operate as any of the following legal entities:

  • Branch of a foreign of Local Company
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) - Natural/Individual
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) - Corporate

Information concerning Abu Dhabi Airport Business City

Abu Dhabi Airport Business City

This free zone aims to cater to the needs of the following businesses, all wishing to maintain close proximity to a fully equipped modern airport: aviation, aerospace, defense, airport services, logistics, cargo, freight, IT & telecommunication, pharmaceuticals, consultancy management, trade, light industries, marketing & events, aviation-friendly and light industrial activities. Both import and export costs and formalities are reduced by being located inside this free zone.

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