Florida Company main characteristics:

Governing corporate legislation Limited Liability Company (LLC). All companies incorporated under this particular legislation must use LLC at the end of their name.
Governing Authority For Companies: The Florida Department of State is the governing authority and companies are regulated under the Florida Corporate Statutes.
Information published relating to company officers

There is no public register of company officers

Confidentiality The State of Florida offers the highest level of anonymity and privacy, perhaps better than most offshore jurisdictions.
Accounting requirement
No accounting/reporting requirements.
No tax of any kind provided that there the company does not operate in the US and that its owners are not American Citizens.
Very modern, efficient and tax friendly corporate laws.
Standard currency
Time to form
Florida has an efficient Registry: 3 to 4 days formation time.
Stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation (USA).
Efficient communication means.
Time zone
Convenient world time zone: GMT -4
Secretary required
Limited Liability Companies do not commonly have Secretaries.
Paid up capital requirement

Liability Companies do not commonly have a paid up capital requirement. The initial investment to the company is usually made by its shareholders after the company is incorporated and at the time when operations are initiated.

Basis of legal System
Under US Legal System
Minimum directors/shareholders
Minimum of 1 Manager and 1 Member (shareholder).
Bearer shares
Bearer shares not permitted.

A certified copy of your passport (or identity card), as well as proof of domicile dated less than three months

Information on Florida

Florida bolsters a much diversified economy with Agriculture, International Trade and tourism being its most important industries.

Florida is home to almost 20 million people and four metropolitan areas of more than 1 million residents. In 2015, Florida overtook New York as the nation’s 3rd most populous state, with only California and Texas having larger populations.

Florida’s infrastructure, talent, and business-friendly tax policies are consistently recognized among the nation’s best and have attracted the headquarters operations of many nationally ranked companies. Florida is also a global leader in international trade and foreign direct investment ($158 billion in 2013). Florida is also a major gateway for merchandise trade between North America and Latin America. Forty percent of all U.S. exports to Latin America pass through Florida.

Florida became an official state of the United States in 1845. It was originally discovered by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. For the first 300 years, it was hotly contested by the Spanish, the British and the French. In 1810 the territory was ceded to the United States by the Spanish Crown.

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