Immigration Services

JMIFX provides clients with a comprehensive range of immigration services for personal and professional reasons. Our team of specialists will help you find the best immigration options and services for your needs.

Canada is one of the leading habitable countries in the world. With a stable economy and relatively safe environment, the country is not only loved by its citizens but also immigrants looking into becoming a permanent resident. Moreover, Canada provides equal rights and freedoms to its nationals and thus guaranteeing full civil, democratic, and legal mobility.

Hungary is rich with culture, history, and has a stable yet booming economic climate. JMIFX offers clients hassle-free immigration services to Hungary. Ultimately, there are two ways to be granted a Hungarian PR which JMIFX will advise based on your qualifications.

Portugal is a prosperous country that enjoys a high standard living and stable yet advanced economy. Clients interested in availing of a permanent residence in Portugal must invest in properties and meet a minimum stay requirement. In return, PR holders will be able to travel visa-free to all European and Schengen states. They will also be given full rights and access to Portuguese public services which can also be extended their family members.

Greece offers one of the most affordable permanent residency programs in Europe. The state offers permanent residency from day one and citizenship eligibility after seven years of residency. The visa can be extended to all family members including the investor’s parents. Furthermore, PR holders can establish their business in Greece and travel visa-free to all Schengen countries.

Cyprus offers interested foreigners a Fast Track Citizenship Program. As a standard practice, the state qualifies investors who greatly invest in their economy. Interested migrants must apply for an Immigration Permit. JMIFX can advise on how to apply for a permanent residency visa based on your qualifications. We will guide you on your best options and how to expedite the process.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection administers and manages its skilled, business, and immigration plans. Foreigners interested in migrating must submit their documents through an Expression of Interest (EOI) which will essentially work like an immigration application. The committee will then duly review the EOI and deliberate permanent visa grants based on the state’s economic needs.