Regulation of UK Forex Brokers

The regulatory body responsible for the issuing of forex licenses and monitoring of forex activity is the UK FSA, also known as the UK Financial Services Authority. The UK FSA was established to provide a regulatory framework for all financial companies from rule making and investigatory practices, to powers of enforcement and ensuring statutory conditions are met.

The UK FSA enforces its regulations through the Financial Services and Market Act 2000 (FSMA). This Act provides the scope of objectives, standards, rules and remedies for financial service organizations’ in the UK. It is an independent regulatory body which means that the funding for the body to operate is attained solely from the firms it regulates and not from government expenditure. Despite being an independent body, the UK FSA is answerable to the Treasury and higher up, the UK Parliament.

The structure of the regulatory body is headed by the ‘Board’ of which decides on the overall policies and direction of which the FSA takes.

The scope of the UK FSA regulates exchanges, financial companies and financial services markets.

Applying for a UK Forex License

To obtain UK forex license the first thing you must do is create a UK company for the purpose of engaging in forex activity in the UK. On completion of the company formation, an application for a forex license is needed. This application typically requires certain documents to be submitted to the UK FSA, these documents are the company Memorandum and Articles of Association, and company manuals for internal and external procedures. You may also need to submit results of your fit and proper test.

The application procedure for a forex license is quite complicated and time consuming, thus enlisting the support of Starting Business to guide you through it will ensure that you follow all the correct procedures and supply the right documents to the UK FSA.

Whether you require assistance with writing a business plan, preparation of financial projections, compliance procedures or for us to manage the full application from start to finish, we will gladly assist with your FCA authorization applications.

Following submission of the application to the FCA we will maintain a close relationship with the relevant case officer at the FCA to ensure that the application is approved as quickly as possible.


FCA Regulated Trading Name Package:

JMI register your FX trade mark as one of our regulated Trading Name, and you become its operator from your location.

FCA regulated Trading name Setup: include,

*Operators may be able to choose a different LP’s: CFH, SAXO, LMAX, etc…

FCA regulated Trading name Monthly License: include,

*The first 2 months are payable in advance, and then each monthly fee is paid or deducted from the operator commissions at the end of the month.

FCA regulated Trading name Resources & Processing Fees:

*Active account mean an account with at least one trade in the last 30 days.

**For B-book clearing, your mirror account needs to be funded with the appropriate margin to support the B-book NOP exposure but no less than $50,000.

***Safe Charge, Union Pay solution may incur extra cost. Check the full price list.

****MAM system is free at this stage, but the software provider may charge.


Full Brokerage Management Software – CRM and more


The admin back office is a complete suite of broker management tools including: compliance, treasury, sales, support, KYC management, user roles, client agreements, reminders, requests, reporting and more.


Overcome platform limitations and provide accurate allocations, automate performance and management fee distribution; and calculate high-water marks with a plugin free and platform independent MAM.


Broker revenue reporting includes: commissions, spread markups, transaction fees conversions, and dealing desk revenue.


Clients can deposit, withdraw and convert funds, request internal transfers, upload documents, create accounts, join managed programs and more.


All data is stored in a universal format with defined business logic applied to it. The system works with any trading platform that offers standard API protocols.


CurrentBusiness offers a full complement of CRM tools including: real-time data, lead management, client details, marketing and email tools, referral links and more.


All data is stored in a universal format with defined business logic applied to it. The system works with any trading platform that offers standard API protocols.


Safecharge, Netteller, InionPay, eMerchant. (American Express, Aurore, Bank Axess, BankLink, BLEUE, CartaSi, CASHU, ClickAndBuy, Comgate, Delta, DineroMail, Diners Club International, Discover,, EPS, Euro 6000, Euteller, EWire, Giropay, iDeal, ING, INSTADEBIT, JCB, Maestro, MasterCard, Miser Cash, Moneta RU, PayPal, QIWI, SAFETY PAY, SOFORT, Sporobank, ToditoCash, Trustly, TrustPay, Visa, WebMoney)


Electronic Identity Verification, KYC, AML, Risk & Compliance automated approval.

Rates and Fees for SafeCharge bank
set up fee per ban Merchant Id (MID) Waived
Discount fee for EU Up to US$ 500,000 (Inclusive) 1.95%
Above US$ 500,000 1.8%
Discount fee for ROW Up to US$ 500,000 (Inclusive) 2.95%
Above US$ 500,000 2.8%
Transaction Fee 0.3
Credit fee - per credit 1
Charge back handling fee 30
Where :

Transactions fee is per transaction inward

Credit fee is per transaction Outward

OCT is a per transaction Outward where there were no PREVIOUS inward transactions

Chargeback fees is a chargeback fee taken by the bank for dealing with transaction errors

All fee charges are in the EUR/GBP or USD depending on the currency of source.

Rates and Fees for UnionPay
Plan Description Premium Plan
Account Type Merchant Account
Payout Frequency Daily (1 Day Settlement and clearing )
Deposit Not Required
Card Acceptance Internet Banking Payment
Choise Of Account Currency USD
Average Setup Lead Time 10 - 20 Working Days
Transaction Support (Real-time) Sales, Authorized, Void, Refund
Monthly Transaction Upper Limit HKD 30,000,000
Each Transaction Upper limit Subject To Approval
Service Pricing
Account Monthy Fee HKD 300
Transaction Processing Fee 1,6%

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